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Our Approach

The Build Initiative is dedicated to transformative solutions on issues impacting women and other underrepresented minorities in construction, engineering, design and the trades. Advancing the knowledge and depth and breadth of experience as well as cultivating and expanding opportunities is at the heart of the BUILD INITIATIVE [BUILD] programming.

The traditional pool of applicants to the building and related industries is at a historic low. The evolving general population demographics support the vital need to inspire and engage unique and underrepresented populations to fill the skills and STEM gap that has plagued the building and related industries. Conversely, the need for authentic outreach strategies is imperative to reinforce the robust construction and related industries of today. The BUILD model is solutions-based and creates a barrier free environment for success.

The current landscape of opportunity for women in the industry is often artificially limited and reinforced by an invisible wall. Old school attitudes, resistance to change and lack of access to information and resources limits the interest and engagement that is necessary to spark transformative change in the industry. BUILD is dedicated to spotlighting and facilitating distinct pathways to level next opportunities.

At BUILD, we are designing grass-roots level outreach, engagement, training and mentoring initiatives that exponentially improves the success factor for career advancement.